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Is This Thanksgiving Blog for You?

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Because like in marriage, "sometimes it only takes one" I had an interesting conversation with a coworker this week. We had released a blog for a Client that so far has “only” a 11% click-thru rate. Now, the blog is new and there is a pandemic happening … but it gave me pause. I try to write blogs that my or a Client’s general audience will find interesting, but sometimes, no matter how well written the piece, the click-thru is low. I won’t lie; I love seeing that 62% of my personal blog recipients open my most recent blog. Yet: as my grandmother used to say about marriage, “Robbie, it only takes the right one.” What I think is important, beyond volume, is who opens the blog. Are they prospects? Existing customers? Raving fans? People who accidently pushed the wrong link? Most important: How can we know if the reader is getting the information they need? Targeting is important but, it too can be limiting. Casting a wide net over time will tell you who is reading which messages. This can better help you target messages - and also loyalty - by knowing who you can move “up” a level to “insider offers” and similar.

Blogging and emailing serve another important role. They remind each individual in your audience they specifically matter to you, regardless of whether they click the new link or pass on to the next email. You remembered them with something you thought they might find interesting.

Ergo (how I love that word), I hope you found these 300 words interesting. I want you to know how thankful I am this holiday season for your support and friendship.

May you have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.


PS: I was just in Jamestown doing research and I was struck over and again about how the story of Thanksgiving has evolved. I am all for a national holiday of non-denominational thanks, but as a storyteller I also believe it important to inspect “lore” for what it is: marketing. Want to see another perspective? I just read The True Story of Pocahontas: The Other Side of History, written in 2007 by Dr. Linwood “Little Bear” Custalow and Angela L. Daniel “Silver Star.” It’s a short read of the 400-year-old oral tradition of the Mattaponi tribe. I recommend it highly. - RTR

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