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Leaders juggle so many critical tasks that sometimes honing communication skills falls low on the to-do list. Think about it: you speak all day, every day, often under extreme pressure – your communication skills must be fairly strong, or you would not have achieved this level of success.


That said, in times of stress, when a video camera turns on for an interview or you find yourself in a crisis, having some specific tools at your disposal can make all the difference. Taking the time to plan and practice can add a level of confidence and security that will be beneficial to you and your organization.


In my career I have trained public speakers from all walks of life, from the C-Suite to subject matter experts to fundraisers. I have helped them plan for formal presentations, interviews, group meetings, product launches and press conferences.


The commonality is this: in order to achieve top level success as communicators, speakers must learn how people process information and how to structure information to align with that process.  I can teach you that a) you can’t control everything but b) you can control most things – and how to spot the difference and be ready.


I’ve helped prepare speakers for topics in medicine, pharmaceuticals, commercial real estate, juvenile products, environmental science and much more. This has driven me deeper into other areas, such as presentation development and script writing.


Script writing for presentations opened doors to writing industrial video scripts and television and radio commercial scripts (including a Super Bowl commercial).


Sharpen your interview or presentation skills and materials - reach out today.


You likely have a Disaster Plan for your organization, but do you have a Crisis Communication Plan? While a disaster plan usually speaks to how you manage employees, locations and inventory, a crisis communication plan can be the key to maintaining credibility with external audience during and after a catastrophe.


A Crisis Communication plan is a blueprint for you and your team – an easy to follow custom process you can reach for when you are in the thick of it.


Your CCP will guide you and your employees in:


  • Collecting information

  • Deciding if the company should comment and when

  • Choosing the right spokesperson

It will provide:

  • An outline of potential major issues and resources

  • Templates for tools you will need, such as statements and Q&As

  • Guidance on how to handle social media


… and much more, as needed for your specific situation.


I have developed CCPs for companies and organizations of all sizes, and I truly don not believe there’s been a single one that felt it was a wasted effort. Why? Because not only is the final document tailored to your specific needs, the process itself tends to shake out hidden challenges to communications, allowing those to be managed and improved.


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