It may be hard to believe, but it is difficult to write about myself. I have a LinkedIn page that shows my work history, and hundreds of writing samples across on this site and others.

“Really,” she thinks, “Shouldn’t my writing speak for itself?”

If it were only that easy. While you can read selected writings in my portfolio, you’ll likely want to know something about me before you reach out.

I have been a writer since before I could write. My mother once told me that as a small child I told her all kinds of stories about characters only I could see and hear.

Once I could hold a pen, I wrote poems, lyrics, school newspaper articles, research papers. I was first published in a book of student creative writings in middle school and I was hooked. I won an award for a series I wrote about Alcoholics Anonymous in my high school paper. I wrote and wrote and won some more awards and people kept telling me I was pretty good at it.

I spent the first decade of my career working for public relations agencies on accounts you likely know by name. It was a challenging, demanding and exciting. We wrote all day under exacting pressure and I loved it.

Then I went to work for a corporation for 10 months – and, plot twist – the management team was arrested and eventually went to prison for selling 'used' products as 'new' ones. Lost and without a job (I was not in any way involved in the legal misdoings) I was again fortunate.  Many of the people I had worked for previously asked me to help them – PR, annual reports, direct mail, video – and I quickly had enough work to start my own agency.


Here I am, years later, still writing. I have branched into feature writing, scripts of all kinds, and a lot of management consulting for external, internal and crisis communication. My favorite book remains the dictionary, and my bliss is getting lost in the process of writing.

Now... how can I help?







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Robbie's support with our media training and effectively leveraging opportunities in paid media was instrumental to DHIN advancing its goals for broadening awareness and understanding of our mission.


COO, Delaware Health Information Network

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