The Basics – Getting the Most from Media Relations

It is both beneficial and exciting to see a project or program you are working on receive media coverage. To best position yourself for coverage, we need to work together to get the information to media in a timely manner. Here are some tips to keep your office in the news…

  1. Gather as many facts as you can. Get the details you need to make an announcement. Know who can provide information, who can speak on a topic and how information needs to be approved.
  2. Know the reporter’s deadline. When you receive a media call, ask when the reporter needs to have the information, interviews and/or photos and graphics so that we can help you respond effectively. Confirm with the reporter what phone number and email address should be used.
  3. Understand what is the most important story angle. Some news stories have multiple “angles” that could interest a reporter. Understand first what your goal for coverage is and what messages you need to promote in order to make that clear.
  4. Obtain permission. If you are including information and/or quotes from a source outside your company, make sure the person quoted has approved the information.
  5. Visual resources, such as graphics, photos and renderings, are often helpful to reporters. Let the Agency know what is available to offer to media.
  6. If you have particular standards to which you want the Agency to adhere, (e.g. don’t mention the length of an agreement; include specific spokespeople in the release when possible; show titles in a certain manner) please let the Agency know.

For more information, contact a.s.a.p.r. at 443-944-9301

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