Merchandising Media Coverage to Prospects and Tenants

The news release has been distributed and now the media coverage is coming in – success!

Now take it one step further: “merchandise” your great coverage by repackaging it so that it can be seen by prospects, tenants and others in your community. Because media coverage is considered by most as an unbiased, third-party endorsement, it can help influence how a prospect sees your abilities and can open doors to opportunity.

Some ways to maximize media coverage:

  1. Make sure that strong articles are included in a binder that is kept in your lobby on view for visitors.
  2. Include relevant clips in New Business packages and proposals.
  3. Send media coverage updates to key current and prospective customers and business associates in the form of an e-mail or a letter.
  4. Display recent news coverage at tradeshows and seminars.
  5. Post relevant clips in the common areas of your office so they can be seen by visitors. For example, if your office has won an award and the local paper has written an article, post the news clip in a common area for a few days. 

    Ways to assure they are displayed well:

    1. Frame the article and place it on the lobby desk
    2. Create a bulletin board showcase for media coverage and other building information
    3. Enlarge the article and mount it on foam core (easily done at Kinko’s or Staples) and rest it on an easel in the lobby for a few days
    4. Laminate the article and hang it in the front window of the building for a few days

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