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There are few toy companies cooler than Comic Images. With licenses that include STAR WARS™, Marvel Comics™, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™, DC Comics™, Masters of the Universe™, Peabody & Sherman™, and more, launching their flagship product Super Deformed Plus lines of dolls and key chains (with tiny bodies and enormous plush heads), Back Buddies backpacks and golf club covers (to name a few) is a pretty cool assignment with a very interesting strategy. Comic Images is a manufacturer who sells only to retailers, so our PR and online efforts have been primarily focused on getting collectors and early adopters to request (demand!) new products from sellers, both online and brick and mortar, while, at the same time, keeping buyers interested in next year’s even newer products. Our work developing symbiotic advertising/editorial packages with several online retailers and fan sites has allowed Comic Images’ Super Deformed characters to quietly continue their plan for world domination.

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