a.s.a.p.r. portfolio - Blood Bank of Delmarva

For nearly a dozen years, a.s.a.p.r. was the “southern marketing office” for BBD, with Robbie and later Jenni Pastusak serving as the voice and face of the organization to media. But it is the renaming initiative for which we are most proud, as a.s.a.p.r. helped to convince the Board of Directors to rebrand. In the 1990s, the Blood Bank of Delaware and Blood Bank of the Eastern Shore merged, becoming Blood Bank of Delaware/Eastern Shore – quite a mouthful. The new brand became Blood Bank of Delmarva, with an updated logo, new colors and a new look – as well as a suite of new materials. The Agency was a full member of the transition team, helping coordinate messaging, materials and a launch event that was covered by media across Delaware, Maryland and Philadelphia.

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